Emily Henry Interior Designer Santa Fe
Emily Henry was born and raised in Taos, New Mexico on the Mabel Dodge Lujan compound. In 1970, Dennis Hopper bought the “Big House” and started a hippie salon named the Rainbow Commune. It was a very wild chapter of Taos history. Emily’s functional but exquisite design aesthetic was shaped by an intensely creative and freestyle upbringing: her father was a modernist architect and inventor, and her mother was an artist, art instructor, and hippie homemaker extraordinaire.

Taos in the 70s was focused on the arts, entertainment, and self-discovery. Like many children who grew up in Taos during the “hippie days,” Emily struggled with the chaos of life on the compound. Routines and discipline were scarce. Along with the freedom and fun she enjoyed when exploring and creating, young Emily aspired in equal measure to be independent, capable, and self-sufficient.

When she left Taos for Lawrence University in Wisconsin, Emily craved the organized and predictable lifestyle far away from Taos. The struggles of hippie life did not appeal to her, and she sought a more “normal” life. She married and lived in Pittsburgh until moving to Santa Fe 1998, where she gave up teaching art to work at a design firm.

After opening Emily Henry Interiors in 2002, Emily was surprised to discover that her Taos aesthetic is a rare asset in the design world. As she gradually began sharing her offbeat style with clients, she found a strong following who delighted in her singular perspective.

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In 2008, Emily conceived Millicent Furniture, where she now designs and creates elegant furniture inspired by Taos. Millicent is handcrafted by some of New Mexico’s finest woodworkers and machinists, and our lumber is sustainably hand-harvested, hand-milled, and slow kiln dried exclusively for our use.

Emily’s focus on considered craftsmanship has catapulted her to the top of the custom furniture industry, and her unique pieces are in high demand from clients who seek an exquisite design that perfectly complements their space. Her downtown showroom is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, and she is proud to fill this space with items made locally by herself, her friends, and her family.

Before starting her pieces, Emily sketches ideas and motifs by hand to get a feel for both the minute proportions and ultimate scale of her creations. This human touch is still visible in her final products, which always reflect the heart and soul of her artistic subject while showcasing her elegant woodworking craftsmanship.

Each of Emily’s pieces is custom, and she loves giving her clients exactly what they ask for in function, while defying their expectations of what beautiful furniture can represent.

Taking on the project of building a house in Santa Fe from the East Coast was a big endeavor. But working with Emily Henry Interiors made it a pitch perfect experience. Not only did Emily understand exactly how to translate my idea for the interior of the house, but she did it with charm, skill and perfection…always with a keen eye on budget and deadlines. Emily always managed to find the perfect combination of furniture, fabrics and colors to create what is the perfect house. And when I arrived for the holidays with my family, every detail was complete…down to the wood for the fireplaces and utensils in the kitchen. Emily Henry has made coming to Santa Fe an absolute pleasure. And we’ve been enjoying what she has created every time we visit.

~ Michael A. Clinton,
President, Marketing and Publishing Director, Hearst Magazines, New York

Building our dream home while a couple thousand miles away was a daunting challenge. Having an interior designer whom we could trust implicitly, who understood exactly the look and feel we wanted (even when we didn’t quite know how to define it) and who would display great creativity, good humor, infinite patience and passion for our project actually made the laborious process fun.

Emily knew how and where to find just the right furnishings to work with the palette of colors and the contemporary style we preferred. She also extended her reach by actually designing wood furnishings and finding the artisans who could deliver on what we wanted when it was otherwise unavailable. While Emily shows the flair and panache of the best artistic talent, she is not a temperamental artist, and is always prepared to defer to the will of the client.

We could not be more pleased with the end result of Emily’s work and have always been proud to open our home to guests from all over the world who are as impressed with Emily’s interior design as we continue to be.

~ Paul Laudicina

I have worked with Emily over a span of many years and marvel at how I enjoy the process even still, and how she builds upon each discovery to create an environment living and livable, coherent, surprising, and sublime. If a house is, as has been said, a reflection and expression of the inner self, Emily’s eye, knowledge, imagination, intuition, and expertise combine to make her the ideal designer to manifest this beautifully and painlessly.

~ Carol Moldaw